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Freetype BETA6 documentation for the FT_BitmapGlyphRec struct...

From: Pedriana, Paul
Subject: Freetype BETA6 documentation for the FT_BitmapGlyphRec struct...
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 19:18:09 -0700

Small Freetype BETA6 comment:

The documentation for the FT_BitmapGlyphRec struct omits 
the description of what 'left' and 'top' are (see copy below).

I bumped into this because I am looking for a way to tell the 
ascender, descender, and height values for a rendered 
'FT_GlyphRec'. I could take the values from the face struct 
and convert them, but I need the values to be exactly in line 
with the rendered glyph and am not sure that doing a conversion
of face data would yield pixel perfect results.


  * <Struct>
  *    FT_BitmapGlyphRec
  * <Description>
  *    A structure used to describe a bitmap glyph image..
  *    Note that the FT_BitmapGlyph type is a pointer to FT_BitmapGlyphRec
  * <Field>
  *    metrics  :: the corresponding glyph metrics
  *    bitmap   :: a descriptor for the bitmap.
  * <Note>
  *    the "width" and "height" fields of the metrics are expressed in
  *    26.6 sub-pixels. However, the width and height in pixels can be
  *    read directly from "bitmap.width" and "bitmap.height"
  *    this structure is used for both monochrome and anti-aliased
  *    bitmaps (the bitmap descriptor contains field describing the
  *    format of the pixel buffer)
  *    the corresponding pixel buffer is always owned by the BitmapGlyph
  *    and is thus creatde and destroyed with it..

  typedef struct FT_BitmapGlyphRec_
    FT_GlyphRec  metrics;
    FT_Int       left;
    FT_Int       top;
    FT_Bitmap    bitmap;

  } FT_BitmapGlyphRec_, *FT_BitmapGlyph;

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