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CID + CFF drivers available

From: David Turner
Subject: CID + CFF drivers available
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 23:11:46 +0200


  I have recently added two drivers to the FreeType 2 directory

    src/cff:  is a still very experimental OpenType/CFF driver.
              it's grossly incomplete and shouldn't work for now
              (or else, let me know ;-)

    src/cid:  supports Postscript CID-keyed fonts. This driver
              works and loads glyphs nicely. However, it doesn't
              load CMap files for now, which means that it's still
              more or less unuseful (well, the fonts display well
              in "ftview" anyway :-)

  I thus invite you to test the CID driver extensively. The current
  source code has only been used with the Asian Font Pack that comes
  with Acrobat Reader.

  I also welcome pointers to an OpenType/CFF font for testing !!


- David

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