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Re: severe problems with bchr8a.pfb

From: James H. Cloos Jr.
Subject: Re: severe problems with bchr8a.pfb
Date: 06 Jun 2000 18:25:16 -0500

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Kacvinsky <address@hidden> writes:

Tom> Do you think it is a problem with the hint interpreter
Tom> of Freetype, or a problem with the fonts?

It is not the fonts.  It is type1z's implementation of seac.
(AFAICT, ft2-b6 uses t1z by default, not the older t1.)

Another example of fonts which trigger this is B&H's Lucida family of
fonts.  The use of seac rather than a subroutine and some character-
specific placement code -- or just full duplication -- is the
determining factor.

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