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CFF driver + fixed Type 1 hinter

From: David Turner
Subject: CFF driver + fixed Type 1 hinter
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 17:11:05 +0200


  I've just commited a new version of the OpenType/CFF driver
  that seems to work with the two *.otf fonts I have.

  Note that it currently support normals OpenType/CFF fonts.
  Support for pure-CFF fonts, as well as multiple masters
  and CID-keyed fonts in the CFF format will be added later..

  I have also fixed the crummy hinter in "src/type1" to deal
  correctly with accented characters. It seems to run well here,
  even though I had not the time to fully test it.

  I'm off for a 6-days vacations, and won't be available until
  next Wednesday, Werner should be able to fix things if bugs
  are discovered. Until then, I welcome your feed-back on these
  two enhancements :-)

  And as usual, more pointers to OpenType/CFF fonts are welcomed
  (or tools used to convert normal Type 1 fonts to them)..


- David

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