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Re: Install on DG/UX

From: Sean Walker
Subject: Re: Install on DG/UX
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:52:18 GMT

> BTW: what version? I guess it's 1.x but what x?
Latest 1.x from the website, 1.3.1 I think.

> Are mmap() and munmap() declared in you <sys/mman.h>? (It should.)
Everything is declared, all defines are there all structures are 
there, etc. They are depending upon a bunch-o-defines that are 
obviously not set up properly. (e.g. _ANY_DG) Every single thing 
"looks right" but obviously isn't.

> You DG/UX system seems to be really messed up (compared to a typical
I would happen to agree with you! I have tried this on two DG/UX boxes 
with the same results on eacb.

> unixish system). Anyway, you can try to replace lib/file.c (being a
> symlink to arch/unix/ttmmap.c) with a symlink to ttfile.c
Hmmmm.... I'll look into this one.

> --Pavel Kankovsky aka Peak  [ Boycott 
Microsoft-- ]
Already doing that to the best of my ability!! ;-)

Sean Walker

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