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Re: [Fwd: Win32 problem]

From: Robert Sharp
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Win32 problem]
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 14:44:29 -0700

Hi Werner,

Werner LEMBERG wrote:

> > <!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
> Please use plain text only for emails!

I will, sorry about that.

> > I ran across freetype yesterday in my search for fonts &amp; font
> > tools for my embedded system project, and today built the library
> > and test apps on a Win98 machine.  I ran across two problems that I
> > thought you might be interested in.  I'm using Microsoft's Visual
> > Studio 6.0.
> Which version of FT you have used?


> > I originally had troubles using the makefile for nmake (see 2nd
> > bullet) so I tried to use the workspace for the IDE
> > (freetype.dsw). This created a library called freetype.lib, but I
> > wonder if this shouldn't be libttf.lib (the same lib as the makefile
> > creates). There was no corresponding workspace for the test apps,
> > and test's makefile called the lib makefile, so</li>
> It might be possible that freetype.dsw is not updated properly...
> > I went back to nmake using the lib's Makefile.CL makefile, but for the
> > all target, nmake didn't like the line:</li>
> >
> >   + $(OBJS_S: = + );
> >
> > After I changed it to:
> >
> >   $(OBJS_S: = )
> >
> > things worked fine.
> I'll leave this to Antoine Leca who is responsible for this file.
> > So far I've only used the ftzoom app, but I am impressed. My end
> > target is a StrongARM/pSOS system.  I was originally considering
> > bitmapped fonts, but if I can figure out how to integrate freetype
> > then this looks like a definite winner.
> This is good to hear!  We would be glad if you can provide fixes for
> your target platform in case it is necessary.  You might also consider
> loking at the FreeType 2 beta which provides better modularity,
> possibly reducing the memory footprint.  Again, patches and/or
> additional platform support files are highly welcome.

I probably won't be the one to actually integrate FT, but if we do go with
FT then I and the guy doing the port will do whatever we can for your code
base and documentation.

I'll take a look at FT 2 beta a bit later this week.

>     Werner


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