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Bug in 'ttpost.c' FT2 beta 7

From: White, Wesley A.
Subject: Bug in 'ttpost.c' FT2 beta 7
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:17:15 -0500


I think the sfnt file 'ttpost.c' has a problem. The
function in question is 'Load_Post_Names'.

This function calls goto_table to position to the
beginning of the post table. Then it calls
Load_Format_2x to read the format specific
part of the post table.

After the goto_table, IMHO, there should be code that 
skips over the 32 bytes of generic post data that precedes
the format-specific data.

What is happening now is the FormatType field of the post
table is being interpreted as numGlyphs, and so on.

As a work around in my code I cut and pasted code from
ttload.c's TT_Load_PostScript function to skip the 32 bytes.


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