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Re: ftsmooth.c and weird memory allocations.

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: ftsmooth.c and weird memory allocations.
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:44:56 +0200

Hi Tom,

> Hi all,
> I am getting strange allocation messages when running ftview (cvsup'd
> this morning).  Only happens with the CFF driver.  After adding some
> debugging code, I got this message:
>     In ftsmooth, about to alloc 7140211635554618418 bytes
> Thats a large amount of memory to allocate (understatement).  Of
> course, I get messages like:
>     FT_Alloc: Out of memory? (7140211635554618418 requested)
> The offending line in ftsmooth.c is:
>     if (ALLOC( bitmap->buffer, (FT_ULong)pitch * height ))
> But since there is no other version of ftsmooth.c in CVS, I can't see
> if this changed or not.  And the code for the CFF driver didn't change
> significantly, so I can't see how the ALLOC in ftsmooth.c is getting
> such large numbers.
I've just commited a few bug fixes in the postscript font drivers, though
I doubt it would solve your problem..

Could you try them to see if this changes anything. Other than that,
it'd be interesting to see the values of "pitch" and "height" in this


- David

> Tom

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