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Re: [Devel] Chinese font composite glyphs

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: [Devel] Chinese font composite glyphs
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 16:18:52 +0200

Hello Karl,

> Karl von Randow a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> I was hoping someone could clarify for me whether freetype 1 or 2 (I'm 
> interested
> in 1 as there is a Java port, but could use 2) will correctly render the 
> glyphs from
> a font such as Mingliu - the standard chinese truetype font.

> The font rendering engine in Java2d does not render these glyphs correctly!
> I believe because they are composite glyphs? Any information you could give me
> on this would be greatly appreciated!

OK, given the way this font is encoded, the _only_ way to correctly
render its glyphs is to enable the TrueType bytecode interpreter in
either FreeType 1.x or 2.

This usually means defining a macro like TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BYTECODE_INTERPRETER
in a configuration file. This is documented in the FreeType packages in a
file named "PATENTS" I believe..


- David

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