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[Devel] RE: FreeType and Type 1C fonts

From: Ken Carpenter
Subject: [Devel] RE: FreeType and Type 1C fonts
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 10:06:11 -0700

>I'd rather try to provide something that is as close as
>possible to what FT2 provides, i.e. a font service..
>Java2D seems a very interesting graphics library, and I'm
>pretty certain you'd better use it (as well as the usual
>Java high-speed containers) to perform your

I plan to cache handles to the faces I create in Java
containers.  The handles will be Java "longs" which
represent pointers to FT_Face structures on the C++ side.
I'll also cache the library pointer this way.

>Of course, if the compositing is the problem, there is
>nothing you can really do to solve that within FT2 :-)

What I see FT2 giving me is CFF (Type 1C) rasterizing
which Java does not, and the ability to write my own
compositing code on the C++ side of my JNI binding.

Basically, I would pass in all the positioning and
transformation parameters from the Java side, as well
as the byte array that holds the Java bitmap data.

I would then render each character in the string to
the glyph slot one-by-one and write my own routine to
composite the anti-aliased glyph into my bitmap,
applying the specified text color at the same time.

My plan right now is to just wrap the part of FT2 that
I need.  My simple Java-side API will probably look
something like this:

class JFreeType
    /* Init FreeType library and store the returned library
     * handle in a long value

  long createFace(String filename) {}

  long createMemoryFace(byte[] fontData,
                                int offset,
                                int length) {}

  void renderText(String text,
                        long face,
                        double pointSize,
                        AffineTransform xfm,
                        double x,
                        double y,
                        Color textColor,
                        byte[] bitmapData,
                        int width,
                        int height) {}

  Rectangle2D getBoundingRect(
                        String text,
                        long face,
                        double pointSize,
                        AffineTransform xfm,
                        double x,
                        double y) {}


Ken Carpenter

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