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[Devel] FT_Set_Transform question.

From: Mike Owens
Subject: [Devel] FT_Set_Transform question.
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 11:21:14 -0400

I'm having a strange problem but I don't think it's in the freetype code. When 
I try to rotate characters the upper case letters don't get rotated but the 
lower case letters and numbers do. However this just occurs when I try to set 
the transform from a certain area of my test program. It works correctly when I 
set the transform from another area of the program.

My question is, can you set the transform at any time with a valid face or is 
there some other calls that must be made first?

Also, is there a section of code in the library that I can look at that will 
indicate what freetype thinks the rotation is?

I am using a windows truetype font.

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