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Re: [Devel] [Devel]Problem with versions above 2.0.5

From: Detlef Würkner
Subject: Re: [Devel] [Devel]Problem with versions above 2.0.5
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 23:14:29 +0100

address@hidden (gjh) wrote:

> I've encountered a problem with the versions of FreeType 2 above 2.0.5.
> I'm drawing Japanese fonts from the MS Gothic TTF file. The size of the font
> is smaller then 23 pixels.
> With version 2.0.5 I get good glyph images but with version 2.0.7 and 2.0.8
> the glyphs just consists of a few diagonal lines.
> (I'm not able to check version 2.0.6 because I get linker error, see bellow)
> I also found the FT_bitmap.width, .rows and .pitch values were completely
> changed from version 2.0.5.
> For sizes larger then 22, everything works fine and also for other unicode
> ranges.

Between 2.0.5 and 2.0.7 the bug that disabled use of embedded bitmaps
when the autohinter was not explicitly disabled was removed. When
specifying FT_LOAD_NO_BITMAP, 2.0.8 should behave like 2.0.5.

Cant say whether the embedded bitmaps in this particular font are of poor
quality or if your program doesnt check the bitmap format (with 2.0.8, if
you specify no special flag, you get gray-scaled 8bit bitmaps if no
embedded bitmap was found and b&w 1bit bitmaps if an embedded bitmap of
the specified size was found, this font seems to have embedded bitmaps
of sizes upto 22 pixels).

Ciao, Detlef
_ // address@hidden
\X/  Detlef Wuerkner, Langgoens/Germany

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