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Re: [Devel] Discrepancy in bbox between T1 and TT fonts

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: [Devel] Discrepancy in bbox between T1 and TT fonts
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 17:21:19 +0100

Hello Roberto,

Roberto Alameda a écrit :
> Hi!
> The T1 font driver delivers face->bbox in FT_Fixed format, whereas the TT
> driver makes normal longs.
> The header files define the components of FT_BBox as of type FT_Pos, so the
> TT driver seems right to me.
> Is this a bug or a feature?
This is actually a bug, and a pretty old one. I have commited a fix
in the CVS (both in the STABLE and BRANCH head) to get rid of it.

All global BBOX values are now returned in integer font units, as they should..
Besides, the "ftdump" program has been updated to also display the following:

  - a font's postscript name
  - a font's EM size
  - a font's global BBox

Hope this helps,

- David Turner

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