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Re: [Devel] Freetype with microwindows/nano-X

From: Wong ShingYuen
Subject: Re: [Devel] Freetype with microwindows/nano-X
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 16:21:17 +0800


I am also interested in TrueTypefont on microwin, specially chinese TTfont, but my target is Arm. In my experience, the microwin can be config and modified to displaying chinese TTf on my desktop linux, but when I compiled the same source code for Arm and running on Arm, I have meet the similar error "Segmentation fault". Therefore, I think the TTfont work in your host computer doesn't mean that it could be run on PowerPC.

I suggested that you post your question in, the maillist of microwin.

Moreover, there are some test program in $FREETYPE/test, I suggested that u use those test program to test whethere the freetype lib is work on both your host computer and PowerPC. If it is work on PowerPC, then try debug microwin.(I am also debuging microwin-0.89pre8 for displaying Chinese TTfont).


From: "RSR - Dominioni Piero" <address@hidden>
Reply-To: address@hidden
To: <address@hidden>
Subject: [Devel] Freetype with microwindows/nano-X
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 15:38:41 +0100

Hi all.
We wonder if there is somebody that could help us to solve
this problem:
we are developing Linux software for a PowerPC MPC823
processor target on a i686 PC host; we use the X server on the
host and nano-X server from microwindows-0.89pre8 (sito)
on the target.
We successfully downloaded, installed and run the freetype-1.3.1
library on the host: we can see the texts written with truetype fonts.
It's not the same on the target: we always get
nxclient: bad readblock -1
nxclient 11: Corrupted packet
[1]+ Segmentation fault

Notice that we can run the nano-X server on the host too, from
command line, and the truetype fonts are correctly displayed.

We would really appreciate any kind of reply, even if it would
say: "You are on your own because nobody here ever experienced
microwindows or nano-X"...At least we would know to be alone!!!
Thank you very much.

Piero Dominioni
R.S.R. srl

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