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Re: [Devel] bugfix and improvement for Macintosh sfnt load!

From: Leonard Rosenthol
Subject: Re: [Devel] bugfix and improvement for Macintosh sfnt load!
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 08:24:57 -0500

At 10:41 AM 3/21/2002 +0100, Martin Muskens wrote:
in ftmac the routine FT_New_Face_From_SFNT contains a bug.

I would say that it's not necessarily a bug, but you do have an interesting suggestion...

The line
                sfnt = GetResource( 'sfnt', sfnt_id );
loads the sftt in memory, but because it is a handle (Mac handle) this memory can be "unloaded" by the OS.

True, but unlikely. We should probably do an HNoPurge() on it to be safe.

What's also a problem with large files, is that sfnt and sfnt_data after the line
                ALLOC( sfnt_data, (FT_Long)sfnt_size )
both are (large) blocks of memory that both contain ( after the memcpy) the same data.


Here is my proposal for the new routine:

        And my comments on same...

SetResLoad (false); // tell the resource manager not to load the data in memory ( *sfnt stays 0x00000000 )
    sfnt = GetResource( 'sfnt', sfnt_id );
SetResLoad (true);// tell the resource manager to load resources normal again.

You actually should be doing a GetResLoad() to get the current value and then restoring it.

sfnt_size = GetResourceSizeOnDisk( sfnt ); // get the resource size from disk ( = also more accurate than GetHandleSize )

This API call, however, is relatively new (8.x or 9.x, I believe) and so we would now be limiting the OS level support for our library. That may be a reasonable decision, but one that I am NOT willing to make lightly...

I would be willing to conditionalize it for Carbon vs. non-Carbon builds, however. Would that suffice for your needs??

    ReadPartialResource(sfnt, 0, sfnt_data, sfnt_size );

This call has a similar problem, although introduced in the System 7.x timeframe it was COMPLETELY broken and wasn't fully fixed till at least 8.x.


Leonard Rosenthol                            <mailto:address@hidden>
Lazerware                                     <>

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