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[Devel] Re: Request about font name problem

From: KUSANO Takayuki
Subject: [Devel] Re: Request about font name problem
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 08:08:21 +0900
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> Looking at this, I have no idea why the code in FreeType CVS isn't working; 
> the 
> check 
>  ( rec->languageID & 0x3FF ) == 0x009 
> Should have caught No. 16, and it should have used that name, not No. 24.

Compiler says that
...src/sfnt/sfobjs.c: In function `Get_Name':
...src/sfnt/sfobjs.c:202: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used 
as truth value

Looking at sfobjs.c line 202.

              if ( found_win = -1 || (rec->languageID & 0x3FF) == 0x009 )

Hmm, '=' causes problem. I think

              if ( found_win == -1 || (rec->languageID & 0x3FF) == 0x009 )

is correct. And after fixing it, 

>----- Face number: 0 -----
>font name entries
>   family:     DFHSMincho-W7
>   style:      Regular
>   postscript: DFHSMincho-W7-WIN-RKSJ-H

I finaly got correct result. With this fix, most fonts are displayed
by its English/ASCII name in font selection dialog.

  KUSANO Takayuki <URL:>

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