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[Devel] FreeType mailing list woes

From: David Turner
Subject: [Devel] FreeType mailing list woes
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 20:19:02 +0100
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  the mail server on the FreeType site had some yet unexplained
  trouble these last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, these had the
  following consequences:

    - all mail sent to the list these last two weeks seems to
      have been lost. More precisely, Mailman tried to send
      them but couldn't find a valid recipient.

    - since these recipients couldn't be reached correctly,
      Mailman _automatically_ disabled 95% of subscribers

  I have re-enabled all subscriptions on the mailman server, since
  there's no archives of the subscriber list. It means that:

    - you should be able to see this message

    - in the case were you manually disabled your subscription,
      you'll need to re-disable it manually on the corresponding
      mailman preferences page. see :


      or simply unsusbcribe if you don't want to be bothered.

    - all recent messages must be re-posted to the corresponding
      lists !!

  Sorry for the inconvenience. By the way, the FTP server is still
  down, and I'm waiting the server's sysadmin intervention to
  restart it.

Best Regards,

- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (

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