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Re: [Devel] Metric for hat (^) vertical offset?

From: George Williams
Subject: Re: [Devel] Metric for hat (^) vertical offset?
Date: 30 Oct 2003 17:01:05 -0800

On Wed, 2003-10-29 at 12:39, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> > Werner, certain fonts contain glyphs with "isolated" points within
> > their outline (i.e. a contour made of a single point). These are
> > never rendered but they may have an influence on bounding box
> > computation (and in case you'd ask, the hinters already detect these
> > cases)
> Good point.  Shall we `extend' the CBox code to handle this, taking
> into account only contours with more than two points?
Hmmm. And would this be the correct bbox to put into the font in the
first place?

Those single point contours never get drawn so excluding them is not a
clipping problem...

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