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[Devel] About install freetype

From: zhao mingxi
Subject: [Devel] About install freetype
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 02:08:13 +0000

I am a newbie. Now I meet some problems. Wish you can help. I have a type of Chinese fonts that has private style. I want it to be show in the linux KDE Platform just like TrueType fonts or others. Things like that my fonts will be showed in font’s style list when you use the OpenOffice writer. I have read the freetype’s documents and found it is a good choice for me to write my font’s driver. But I am confused by the fowling problems:
1. Can freetype complete what I want? If not, any suggestion?
2. Is freetype a good choice for Chinese vector fonts?
3. How to install freetype2 to the linux? Should I compile the source of freetype2 and KDE? 4. What should I do when I want to debug the code?
Thanks a lot!

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