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[Devel] Some comments on license.txt.

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: [Devel] Some comments on license.txt.
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 23:36:42 -0400

license.txt in FreeType give an interesting disjunctive license that
I've never seen before.  I have no criticism of the license itself,
but I have some comments and suggestions on the wording of the text.

     - The  FreeType License,  found in  the file  "FTL.TXT", which  is
       an     BSD-style  open-source   license *with*  an   advertising

I see you're aware of the difference between the two BSD licenses.
The term "BSD-style" tends to lead people to forget about the
difference, so I suggest that people avoid that term.  How about
saying "is like the original BSD license, with the advertising

Is there a specific point that you meant to make by describing this as
an open-source license?  The BSD licenses and the GNU GPL are all open
source licenses, but I've noticed that some people misunderstand the
definition of "open source" and think it does not include the GPL.
Is that what you had in mind?

                that      forces   you   to   explicitely   cite    the
       FreeType   project   in  your      product's  documentation. All
       details are in the license file

     - The GNU General Public   License, found in "GPL.TXT",  which  is
       the      traditionnal   and    "viral"   GPL    license,    that
       forces  you   to     redistribute the _complete_ sources of  all
       your products that simply     use FreeType 2.

Comparing something to a virus is rather harsh, since viruses make
people sick and make computers malfunction.  Comparing the GPL
to a virus is misleading since the GPL doesn't spread by proximity.
Could you delete that?

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