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Re[2]: [Devel] Re: Glyph Oulines Has Low Quality

From: Vitaliy
Subject: Re[2]: [Devel] Re: Glyph Oulines Has Low Quality
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 21:19:51 +0200

Hi Werner,
I've just tested  last changes in the CFF driver - all works OK
:) Thank you a lot you are really  help me.

I'm sending another problem font from my 'Asian fonts' collection.
I attach  .JPG file with the screen shots and .dat file with the font.

On the screen shot (before column ) you could see TrueType(CID) font
which was decomposed correctly.

In the middle you cold see TrueType(CID) font which
was decomposed with problems (parts of the glyph is  displaced).

FONT.DAT I try to send in next message - 'cause my messages with
 .ZIP archive (FONT.DAT,BadDecompose.jpg)  was excluded  by the mail-list

I can send FONT.DAT antibody (who interested) personally.

Sunday, February 1, 2004, 2:38:12 AM, you wrote:

>> >  I work with FT_Outline_Decompose(...) for drawing glyph as
>> >  sequence of curves . And I've founded some fonts which FreeType
>> >  (current version from CVS) produces broken outlines This fonts
>> >  was extracted from PDF file (font is in the font.dat see attach
>> >  ).

WL> Right now I've fixed two serious bugs in the CFF driver: The flex and
WL> (emulated) seac operators weren't handled correctly.  Thanks for the
WL> test files.  Please check whether your problems are fixed now.

WL>     Werner

Best regards,
 Vitaliy                            mailto:address@hidden

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