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RE: [Devel] a quick exit for FT_Set_Char_Size

From: Graham Asher
Subject: RE: [Devel] a quick exit for FT_Set_Char_Size
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 08:59:16 -0000


thanks for accepting my patch. Unfortunately there is a small typo in the
version in CVS that will prevent it working properly, but it will still
compile. Your version reads

      if ( x_ppem == metrics->x_ppem && y_ppem == metrics->y_ppem )

      metrics->x_ppem = x_ppem;

with a missing " FT_Err_Ok;" after 'return' - thus the statement executed if
the condition is true is:

"return metrics->x_ppem = x_ppem;"

and not the correct

"return FT_Err_Ok;"

Best regards,


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