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[Devel] Freetyype 2 Tutorial Q

From: Plunkett, Sinead
Subject: [Devel] Freetyype 2 Tutorial Q
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 10:29:02 -0000

I have downloaded the freetype library and built it using VC compiler;
I have also copied and built the souce file for the 1st tutorial
It builds fine. It doesn't do anything however. It seems to execute, a command window is opened and the cursor scrolls down a few lines, but i just get a black screen and then a few seconds later a message "press any key to continue"
I have single stepped through the code and there are no errors; The inputs are correct, but in the function draw_bitmap(), the loop conditions are never met, i.e. it never enters the outter for loop:  for ( i = x, p = 0; i < x_max; i++, p++ )
Do you have any hints for me.
Is there anyway to see the ouptut images from code?
Thank you kindly
Sinead Plunkett

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