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[Devel] Help with PCL True Type fonts needed - willing to pay

From: MItkin
Subject: [Devel] Help with PCL True Type fonts needed - willing to pay
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 15:00:08 -0500

We know how to handle PCL True Type fonts embedded in PCL

We don't know how to convert PCL True Type fonts to 
the Real True Type Font format (because nobody inhouse
really knows Real True Type Font format and we don't have time
right now to learn it).  We want to use FreeType2 to rastrize
PCL True Type fonts.  We've played around with FreeType2 and
have what we want for Real True Type fonts but the trouble is
we need to have it working with PCL True Type Fonts.

What this means is (probably) we need help in converting PCL True Type Fonts
to Real True Type Fonts.  We're willing to pay but have a tight schedule.

We can give you info on PCL true type fonts and you must be able to help get
them working with FreeType2.  Development platforms is Windows.

If you could help us please respond immediately.


Michael Itkin 
Senior Developer 
xenos | the data to e-content company(tm) 
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