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[Devel] Supported Compression Algorithms.

From: mcnichol
Subject: [Devel] Supported Compression Algorithms.
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:33:33 -0600

Hello Freetype developers,

I'm sorry if this is an old thread, but I'm trying to get
Keith Packards FontConfig package to work on AIX.
It doesn't seem to recognize the bitmap fonts that are
compressed with the standard UNIX compress program.
It does work fine if I uncompress the fonts or compress
them with gzip.  Looking through the code this seems to be
more related to Freetype than FontConfig.

I am somewhat familiar with the LZW patent issues.  However
I thought the gzip or zlib code which is included in Freetype2
could uncompress these files (but patent issues only prevents the
use of LZW to compress files).

Oh, I am currently using freetype-2.1.5.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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