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[Devel] bug in 2.1.7

From: Neil Peterson
Subject: [Devel] bug in 2.1.7
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 16:08:41 -0500

I just downloaded the 2.1.7 version from your site, and in base\ftobjs.c there is a bug that was introduced in ft_input_stream_new (the last version we used was 2.04).  If the user passes in his own stream and memory allocation functions (FT_OPEN_STREAM set), then the following line near the end of the function is incorrect:
stream->memory = memory;  /* just to be certain */
This line overwrites the client's memory object, which prevents the client from getting alloc & free callbacks, and causes a leak because the client's memory pointer is lost here.
Best regards,
Neil Peterson (
Open Design Alliance

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