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Re: [Devel] Apple's 'gvar' table and friends

From: George Williams
Subject: Re: [Devel] Apple's 'gvar' table and friends
Date: 02 Apr 2004 18:28:02 -0800

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 23:05, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> This looks fine.  I only wonder whether it wouldn't be better to
> create ftvar.h and svvar.h -- I leave this up to you.
I personally would prefer to have one service which could handle both.
(I thought services existed because there were common ideas in different
formats?). Since the current mm service wasn't quite general enough, I
added two routines which will handle both.

Anyway here is my initial attempt. The patch is against freetype-current
from 25 March (er... almost. It does not include the phantom point
patches I sent in earlier). It also includes two new files.

It has a very un-freetype feel to it. I'm not familiar with streams and
I couldn't figure out how to seek around within a frame, so I added two
macros at the start of my (new) file ttgxvar.c. I'm sure there's a
better way of doing things.

I did not look at the JamFile in src/truetype. Changes may be needed

I have only one test font, Skia, which ships with OS/X (I gather there
is at least one other called Jam, but I've never seen it), so this is
not what one would call well tested.

ft2demos-current does not compile against freetype2-current, so I did
not extend ftmulti.c

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