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[Devel] Black rendering failing on LLP64 bit model hosts

From: Robert Dolan
Subject: [Devel] Black rendering failing on LLP64 bit model hosts
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 14:48:41 -0400

There is a problem that you may not be aware of on 64-bit Intel ( LLP64 ) systems with the 2.1.5 ftraster.c code.  The PLONG data type was declared to be "typedef long *" but should probably have been declared to be a pointer to a type that is guaranteed to be the sizeof a pointer on all hosts.  In my case, I was crashing in End_Profile 657 with a data misalignment error.  Changing PLONG to an internal type that is always the sizeof a pointer and likewise modifying ft_black_reset so that the sizeof the raster buffer would be computed correctly solved the problem.
Rob Dolan

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