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Re: [Devel] Moving the location of "lsb_delta" and "rsb_delta"

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Devel] Moving the location of "lsb_delta" and "rsb_delta"
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 09:10:06 +0200 (CEST)

>    The old location did BREAK BINARY COMPATIBILITY, which had the
>    potential to create *serious* trouble on any Linux or BSD
>    installation upgrading to the CVS sources. [...]
> PS: Retrospectively, Werner's addition of the "x_ppem" and "y_ppem"
>     fields to the public FT_Bitmap_Size structure also did break
>     binary compatibility for those apps that did access the
>     structures directly.

I thought we've come to the conclusion that the next major FreeType
release (2.2) need not be binary compatible with older versions.  Have
I misunderstood something?  While I agree that preserving binary
compatibility is a good thing, sometimes it is hard to improve the
library since we have to add a lot of work-arounds.

To avoid future problems I ask for clarification, and perhaps an
outline how to work around.


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