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[Devel] possible freetype glitch

From: Dirck Blaskey
Subject: [Devel] possible freetype glitch
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:24:18 -0700
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Whilst looking at a nasty glitch in my codebase,
I found a potential problem in freetype.

in src/type1/t1afm.c around line 74:
   /* now, read glyph name */
   while ( IS_ALPHANUM( *p ) && p < limit )

note that:
   while ( IS_ALPHANUM( *p ) && p < limit )

is _Not_ the same as:
   while ( p < limit && IS_ALPHANUM( *p ) )

this bug may or may not actually have symptoms.

if i find any more of these, i'll let you know.


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