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[ft-devel] FreeType and CartoType

From: Graham Asher
Subject: [ft-devel] FreeType and CartoType
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 08:59:41 -0000

My cartography library, CartoType, has now acquired its first commercial
licensee after nearly two years of development. FreeType is used in
CartoType and has always been trouble-free and reliable (being rather
conservative I use FreeType 2.1.4 and have now plans to change unless I have

My sincere thanks to the FreeType team and all FreeType enthusiasts for
making this possible. I chose the name 'CartoType' to emphasize that the
library combines cartography and typography - in fact, lettering is as
important as all the other graphic features of a map combined. CartoType
uses FreeType to create anti-aliased and rotated text, and uses
FreeType-derived routines to render shapes for roads, town outlines, etc.

If you're interested, please see for more details and free

Best regards,

Graham Asher
Cartography Ltd.

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