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[ft-devel] atilde in Bitstream Vera Sans

From: Detlef Würkner
Subject: [ft-devel] atilde in Bitstream Vera Sans
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 14:24:32 +0200


Please forgive me when its off topic...

Did notice that the latin small letter a with tilde in BitStream Vera
Sans has the tilde placed too far to the left (IMHO) at sizes of
16 pixels and below. Also happens with DejaVu Vera Sans (derived from
BitStream Vera Sans). Without hinter and with autohinter the tilde looks
unreadable anway IMHO, with the TrueType hinter the misplacement happens,
no matter if I choose the "light" hinting or not, mono or grey rendering.

Using the FreeType2 CVS sources from 2005-05-27. Any idea if that may be
a problem of the font, of FreeType2 or of my application (which has no
special support for advanced OpenType tables which may eventually help
to choose the correct hinting at small sizes)?

Ciao, Detlef
_ // address@hidden
\X/  Detlef Wuerkner, Langgoens/Germany

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