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[ft-devel] Freetype Api compatibility is broken

From: Ismail Donmez
Subject: [ft-devel] Freetype Api compatibility is broken
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 23:04:46 +0300
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I have some app with code like this:


static int glyphPathMoveTo(FT_Vector *pt, void *path) {
  ((SplashPath *)path)->moveTo(pt->x / 64.0, -pt->y / 64.0);
  return 0;


  static FT_Outline_Funcs outlineFuncs = {
    0, 0

this code no longer compiles with freetype from cvs because of the "const" 
patch that applied. I had to change toplevel function into:

static int glyphPathMoveTo(const FT_Vector *pt, void *path) {
  ((SplashPath *)path)->moveTo(pt->x / 64.0, -pt->y / 64.0);
  return 0;

to make it compile but then it won't compile with old freetype. Whats your 
suggestion in this? I thought Freetype supposed to maintain a stable api for 
minor releases, maybe this is no longer the case?


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