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Re: [ft-devel] Re: [Devel] Kerning problem with capitals

From: George Williams
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] Re: [Devel] Kerning problem with capitals
Date: 23 Jun 2005 17:38:58 -0700

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 12:49, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> Gotyk3.ttf is really broken IMHO!  And I think that FontForge's
> behaviour is not fully correct also (George, please comment).
The 'kern' table of the font in contains these
        d o     265
        o p     42
        p r     83
        r z     -31
        z e     244
        e d     -131
        d z     111
        z i     196
        i a     40
Which is what ff is displaying. So that bit is right.

Next I took the d glyph and pasted the o glyph into it and moved the o
glyph by the width of "d"
 (see do-Gotky-nokern.png)
Then I moved the "o" outlines by the kerning amount (265).
 (see do-Gotky-kern.png)
I measured the distance between the right edge of "d" and the left edge
of "o", it is approximately 160 units. The horizontal size of the
counter of "o" is approximately 300 units.

I used xmag to expand the results of ftstring
distance d-o:           ~21pixels
horizontal o counter:   ~18pixels

I used xmag on the ff metrics view
distance d-o:           ~9pixels
horizontal o counter:   ~20pixels

So ftstring gives the distance between d & o as more than the counter,
while the splines & ff's metricsview suggest it should be about half the

(I'm still using 2.0.9 for ftstring)

Anyway if ff is making an error it is not obvious to me.

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Attachment: do-Gotyk-kern.png
Description: PNG image

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