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[ft-devel] Invalid Glyph Format

From: Trevor Parscal
Subject: [ft-devel] Invalid Glyph Format
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 13:34:55 +0000

I have asked this before in a way, but...

Is there any specific information anyone could give me about error code 0x12 (Invalid Glyph Format)

Anything specific would be very much appriciated. What might cause this, where it might be, what structs to look at...

I am parting the headers, so although I think all of my types sizes match, there could be a lingering problem there...

Also I noticed

struct FT_Bitmap_
        int rows;
        int width;
        int pitch;
        ubyte* buffer;
        short num_grays;
        char pixel_mode;
        char palette_mode;
        void* palette;

doesnt use the FT_Int and FT_Short, etc, types... Why is this? When porting to D where the int and short are different byte sizes, will the cause the problem? How large should these be?

Trevor Parscal

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