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RE: [ft-devel] Non MSVC DLL

From: Trevor Parscal
Subject: RE: [ft-devel] Non MSVC DLL
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 21:15:46 +0000

From: "Turner, David" <address@hidden>
Humm, put the following lines in "ftoption.h":

for GCC:
#define  FT_EXPORT(x)      x __attribute__((stdcall))
#define  FT_EXPORT_DEF(x)  x __attribute__((stdcall))

for DMC, Borland C++ or MSVC:
#define  FT_EXPORT(x)      __declc(dllimport) x
#define  FT_EXPORT_DEF(x)  __declc(dllexport) x

OK, yes, thats how I made the MSVC one, so that made sense, but MinGW is creating a libfreetype.a file, instead of a windows DLL..

So, what else needs to be configured?

Trevor Parscal

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