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[ft-devel] Re: [Fontforge-devel] possible freetype bug in hinting code?

From: George Williams
Subject: [ft-devel] Re: [Fontforge-devel] possible freetype bug in hinting code?
Date: 16 Sep 2005 06:21:58 -0700

On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 23:11, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> If you start debugging the base glyph `a', the green and black
> outlines are at the same location, and the bytecode instructions move
> them to the correct place.  As soon as the hinting continues with the
> tilde glyph, the green outlines are already shifted to the left so
> that the leftmost point is grid-aligned.  After hinting, there is no
> difference between FreeType's and FontForge's result, though.
That's odd, I think I'm getting the point positions (for the grid-fit
splines) directly from freetype. That is the intention at least

I don't have time to look at this now, I'll get back to you.
> The situation is different with `n with tilde'.  Here, FreeType
> renders the tilde one pixel to the right.  Which program is right?  Do
> you have any possibility to control the result with another rendering
> engine (either Apple or Microsoft)?
No. But if anyone can point me to docs for either Apple's or MS's
rasterizers I'd be happy to look into it -- I presume they won't provide
the access I need for debugging, but at the least there must be a way of
getting the final result...

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