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RE: [ft-devel] Status of 2.2

From: Turner, David
Subject: RE: [ft-devel] Status of 2.2
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 10:44:11 +0200

> I'm investigating whether I should update Rawhide to freetype 2.1.10.
> A number of questions come up:
>  - Do you have any idea how far out 2.2 still is ?

Not precisely, mainly because I haven't had the time to provide
patches for all major libraries. At the moment, both Pango and
LibXft have received and integrated patches. However, I believe
that QT and SDL_ttf, at the very least, still need updates.

There is something I'd like to ask to anyone having access to the
*complete* sources of a distribution, because it will help us prioritize
the patches. I'm thinking about Owen Tayloy, Frédéric Crozat and
possibly others:

  - would it be possible to perform a massive grep over all sources
    of all packages you maintain to check for 'illegal' uses of the
    FT2 internals ?

    the way to do that is simply to perform a fgrep for the


    I'd really like to have a report telling me which package still
    use theses. Unfortunately, I don't have the time and disk space
    to download all sources repositories of various distros.

this would be hugely useful for me. Especially if you also include
previous releases of your distribution, not only the bleeding edge

2.2 won't be out until we're certain that no problem will arise on
too many desktops, which means having a set of patches readily available
for several versions of Pango, LibXft, etc...

Experience taught us that even if we put big warnings in the README or
source code, people tend to ignore them anyway :-)

>  - Will 2.2 be ?

>  - Do you still plan to break source compat by doing const 
>    correctness changes ?
Werner thinks it's a good thing. And I myself have no opinion on
the topic.

>  - Does FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY still break apps ? I know that Pango
>    has been patched, but I hear xfs segfaults with the memory
>    optimizations. Are there patches beyond the (applied) pango 
>    patches to fix breakage due to this ?
FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY only breaks libraries (not apps) that use internal
FT2 functions when they shouldn't. That's because the optimizations
changed many internal things in the font engine, not its public API.

The problem with the xfs segfault is fixed if you use the current CVS
sources, or use a patch that was posted here:

technically, this is an bug that only happens when the X Server
uses an external freetype shared library (instead of having its own
copy within the server)


- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (

> Thanks, Matthias
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