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RE: [ft-devel] Revisiting LSB

From: Turner, David
Subject: RE: [ft-devel] Revisiting LSB
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:35:03 +0200

> > 1. What modules should we include in LSB to begin with?
> I don't see a reason to exclude a module.
I can see several reasons:

some modules are still experimental and not well tested. I'm thinking
primarily about the "otvalid" and "gxvalid" ones used to perform
validation of OpenType tables.

we have no guarantee that the current implementations aren't secure,
i.e. that they will never produce false positives that may introduce
security bugs. During my latest cleanup of the sources, I've spotted
a few problematic points, noted with an "XXX" comment, where some
things are not done properly.

another example is the PFR font driver, which certainly isn't necessary
on a Unix system.

is the winfnt a requirement for LSB, I doubt very much about that

the current cache sub-system is in beta and shouldn't be part of
the LSB build until it is finalized.

Hope this helps,

- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (

> > 2. What test suites are available?
> George has already answered that.  Some non-interactive programs from
> the `ft2demos' suite might be used for testing FreeType's basic
> functionality, this is, whether compiling and linking has worked
> successfully.  Another possibility to use the example1.c file from the
> tutorial which, if used with a small bitmap font, produces results
> which are fully predictable -- of course, this tests only a small
> fraction of FreeType's code.
> > 3. Is there a roadmap or project plan for 2.2 release? LSB should
> >    not include things that will be eventually removed from FT.
> It is not planned to remove any functionality.  David is currently
> rewriting the cache code, so we have some replacement of code.
> The main visible difference will be that the internal header files no
> longer will be installed.
>      Werner
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