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[ft-devel] FreeType compatibility with C++ managed extensions

From: Graham Asher
Subject: [ft-devel] FreeType compatibility with C++ managed extensions
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 15:21:51 +0100

Dear FreeTypers,

FreeType doesn't compile using Microsoft C++ with managed extensions - which
can be use to create .NET components.

Why should it, you might say very reasonably? It is C, not C++, and the
managed extensions create a language which is not even C++ but an extended
non-standard version of it.

However, I believe that it would be useful to be able to compile FreeType in
this way, and that it could be done quite easily. As far as I can see it's
just a matter of changing the small number of identifiers that conflict with
the new managed C++ keywords.

For example, in the FT_FaceRec structure there are members called "generic"
and "internal", which both conflict with managed C++ keywords (using the new
and I believe permanent version of the managed extensions which removes the
__ prefix from the new keywords).

It might be quite easy to change these and other names (if there are any, I
haven't time to check right now) and then FreeType would be available for
essentially no extra work as part of standard .NET components. Internally
only of course: to expose the FreeType API would take some extra work; but
this would be useful to me and no doubt others.

Best wishes,

Graham Asher

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