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[ft-devel] "comp" is reserved word in Apple SC compiler?

From: mpsuzuki
Subject: [ft-devel] "comp" is reserved word in Apple SC compiler?
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 20:19:31 +0900

Dear Sirs,

Now I'm testing my MPW makefiles to build FreeType2 by vanilla MPW
(a free-charged developer environment for classic MacOS). Sorry for
my lated work of MacOS issues.

In testing, I've found that "SC" (Apple's m68k C compiler) seems to
use "comp" as a reserved word. In compilation of ttsbit.c, I receive
following error:

>    SC :src:sfnt:sfnt.c -c :objs:sfnt.c.o -includes unix -i :include: -i :src: 
> -sym off -model far
>SC C Compiler 8.9.0d3e1
>Copyright (C) 1985-2000 by Apple Computer, Inc.
>      TT_SBit_Component  comp;
>                            ^
>File ":src:sfnt:ttsbit.c"; line 1358 #Error: illegal combination of types
>       #-----------------------
>      for ( comp 
>               ^
>File ":src:sfnt:ttsbit.c"; line 1371 #Error: expression expected

When I replace the variable "comp" by "compo", SC does not complains
anymore. I grepped MPW's header files and the output by SC's cpp,
but I couldn't find any part which defines "comp" for their own use.
In addition, "MrC" (Apple's PowerPC C compiler) does not complain
about "comp" at all. So, I think "comp" is undocumented & internal
reserved word for SC.

A haphazard Workaround for such issue (which replace "comp" by "compo")
is acceptable?


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