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[ft-devel] Outline dumper for windows

From: Chia-I Wu
Subject: [ft-devel] Outline dumper for windows
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 02:43:14 +0800
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This small program can dump the outlines, hinted or unhinted, of glyphs
under windows.  It is helpful for identifying whether certain rendering
differences result from the bytecode interpreter or from the monochrone

For example, we can dump the glyph `8' from tahoma at 11ppem.

(Under MSYS)
$ ./dump.exe -f tahoma -s 11 8
dumping `8' of address@hidden
 16:  4.000000,  2.765625
 17:  3.609375,  3.640625
 18:  3.046875,  3.531250

Comparing with what we get from freetype,

 16: 4.000000 2.750000
 17: 3.609375 3.625000
 18: 3.046875 3.515625,

these 3 points are 1/64 pixel higher under windows.  We then know that
the rendering difference should result from the bytecode interpreter.
(the IP just before the IUPs is suspicious.  It seems windows is doing
something undocumented.)

Werner knew this. I don't know how he knew though :-)

If we dump the glyph `7' from verdana at 13ppem, we can find that the
ouline from windows and the one from freetype are exactly the same.
Then we know we would have better luck looking into the monochrone
raster. (I blame windows actually...)

To dump the unhinted outline, you can use the -u option.


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