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[ft-devel] FT_SubGlyphRec in FreeType 2.2 - Amanith

From: Matteo Muratori
Subject: [ft-devel] FT_SubGlyphRec in FreeType 2.2 - Amanith
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 17:50:06 +0100
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Hi everybody, I'm Matteo, the main developer of Amanith framework ( ). Amanith uses freetype2 just to read fonts data (essentially control points, glyphs and kerning tables), from external files. To render vector font properly, Amanith loads also matrixes for each subglyphs, that tell how the subglyph is positioned respect to its father. In particular we use FT_SubGlyphRec_ structure. Inside freetype.h there is the following line:

typedef struct FT_SubGlyphRec_*  FT_SubGlyph;

But to make my load routines know how that structure is done, i have to include ftgloadr.h, where FT_SubGlyphRec_ is fully defined (so i can access matrixes and flags).
In freetype2 2.2 it seems that internal(s) are not ever exposed.
How can i solve this problem for Amanith ?
Can you freetype2 team expose it?
I read that for 2.2 version you have asked for devs feedback, and here it is. I will appreciate any help, and i wish my feedback will be wellcome.

Thanks in advance.

Matteo Muratori , main Amanith developer -

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