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[ft-devel] Problem in Type1 hinter

From: Boris Letocha
Subject: [ft-devel] Problem in Type1 hinter
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 13:13:44 +0200

Hi all,

Look at this code from pshalgo.c from ps_hints_apply method:

      if (scaled != fitted ) {
        y_scale = FT_MulDiv( y_scale, fitted, scaled );

        if ( fitted < scaled )
          x_scale -= x_scale / 50;

        psh_globals_set_scale( glyph->globals, x_scale, y_scale, 0, 0 );

Problem is that x_scale change is preserved across calling
FT_Load_Glyph, so more you call it characters becoming thinner. It is
visible even in ftstring. Then I commented that modification of x_scale
it started to work correctly. I don't know if this does not make some
other problems, but I think it is better to have character more thick
then thinner and thinner depending on number of characters used ...
It happened for example in BellGothic-Light Type1 font in 300 DPI at
10pt (I can send font on request).


Boris Letocha

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