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[ft-devel] How to cross comple freetype-2.3.5

From: Hisayuki Fujii
Subject: [ft-devel] How to cross comple freetype-2.3.5
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 13:44:41 +0900


I executed the configure script of the following content
with RedHat9(i686) for freetype-2.3.5, and did cross compile
for arm9.
export PREFIX=/home/myproject/library/image
export CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/local/arm-linux
export CC=$CROSS_COMPILE/bin/arm-linux-gcc
export AR=$CROSS_COMPILE/bin/arm-linux-ar
export LD=$CROSS_COMPILE/bin/arm-linux-ld
export RANLIB=$CROSS_COMPILE/bin/arm-linux-ranlib
export CFLAGS="-mcpu=arm9tdmi -fno-builtin -mshort-load-bytes -Wall -O2 -fPIC"

./configure \
    --host=arm-linux \
    --build=i386-linux \
    --target=arm-linux \
    --prefix=$PREFIX \
    --libdir=$PREFIX/lib \

I executed "Make", and ended normally.
Next, I executed "Make install".
The following are the results of the execution of "Make install".

address@hidden freetype]# make install
./builds/unix/mkinstalldirs /home/myproject/library/image/lib
PATH="$PATH:/sbin" ldconfig -n /home/myproject/library/image/lib
Libraries have been installed in:

If you ever happen to want to link against installed libraries
in a given directory, LIBDIR, you must either use libtool, and
specify the full pathname of the library, or use the `-LLIBDIR'
flag during linking and do at least one of the following:
   - add LIBDIR to the `LD_LIBRARY_PATH' environment variable
     during execution
   - add LIBDIR to the `LD_RUN_PATH' environment variable
     during linking
   - use the `-Wl,--rpath -Wl,LIBDIR' linker flag
   - have your system administrator add LIBDIR to `/etc/'

See any operating system documentation about shared libraries for
more information, such as the ld(1) and manual pages.

Next I executed "ls", the following messages were output.

address@hidden freetype]# ls
bash: /bin/ls: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter:
No such file or directory

When I rebooted the PC, it stopped starting normally.
After having reinstalled RH9 to PC, I found the following descriptions
to made libtool.

# Commands used to finish a libtool library installation in a directory.
finish_cmds="PATH=\\\"\\\$PATH:/sbin\\\" ldconfig -n \$libdir"

I think that this is a cause that PC doesn't start normally.
Please let me know how to build freetype2 normally in cross evironment.
The environment of my PC(RedHat 9) is as follows.
    Kernel        :
    arm-linux-gcc : 2.95.3
    autoconf      : 2.61
    automake      : 1.10
    libtool       : 1.5.22


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