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Re: [ft-devel] otvalid modules

From: George Williams
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] otvalid modules
Date: 10 Aug 2007 16:33:36 -0700

I blush to admit that I miscounted the number of constants in one of the
tables (there are 56 not 57).

Please apply the otvmathconstant patch

On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 11:24, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> Suzuki-san, what do you think and/or suggest?
I have a couple of general questions. Probably for Suzuki-san:

1) In many cases in OpenType there will be an offset to a coverage table
and a count of glyphs. The number of glyphs in the coverage table should
be the same as the glyphCount in the table that points to it.

The patch coverageCount passes an extra argument to
otv_Coverage_validate (the expected number of glyphs, or -1 if this is
not known -- it isn't always) and then checks that these counts match.

2) I don't see any validation of Glyph ID in the coverage table --
rather a comment saying not to do this.

I fear this may be my fault.

Under GX I don't believe Glyph IDs should be validated -- but this is
only true under GX because of the way apple's state machines behave. 

I remember telling Suzuki-san not to validate the GIDs and I fear I did
not make it clear that the statement only applied to GX. Under OpenType
I think the GIDs should be validated -- in coverage tables and

I may be wrong, and perhaps the authors had something else in mind and
my patch may be inappropriate. So please examine the invalidGID patch
and only apply it if appropriate.

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