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[ft-devel] Japenese OTF font with funny encoding

From: PageStream Support
Subject: [ft-devel] Japenese OTF font with funny encoding
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 16:18:02 -0700
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New issue which may or may not be FreeType issue. A tester has identified that the Japenese OTF font DFPKaiSho-SB didn't work right. Looking at it, it doesn't include a Unicode encoding vector. After opening the font, I dumped the charmaps. This is what I get:

ftface->num_charmaps = 2

For ftface->charmaps[0]
encoding=61726D6E(armn) platform=1 encoding_id=0 (iterating using FT_Get_First/Next_Char yeilds 255 chars).

For ftface->charmaps[1]
encoding=0(!!) platform=1 encoding_id=1 (iterating using FT_Get_First/Next_Char yeilds 8589 chars).

This font works with OS X applications, so I wonder how do I determine what the encoding is for "0" in this case? The charcodes that FT_Get_First/Next_Char yields ranges from 0-128, 33088->40956 and 57408->60924.

Looking at the characters, it _looks_ like they are Shift-JIS encoded. How would I determine that programatically using FreeType?

Second, can I supply a synthetic charmap somehow to synthesis a Unicode table, or do I need to convert my Unicode to Shift-JIS and just use the existing charmap?


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