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Re: [ft-devel] language ID on MacOS is used? (Re: Dynalab SJIS cmap)

From: mpsuzuki
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] language ID on MacOS is used? (Re: Dynalab SJIS cmap)
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 00:12:10 +0900

On 09 Jan 2008 06:39:33 -0800
George Williams <address@hidden> wrote:

>On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 23:38, address@hidden wrote:
>> There is a scenario that I don't want to think:
>> TrueType font has multiple cmap subtables with same platform
>> ID and platform-specific encoding ID but different language IDs.
>This is indeed possible.
>Apple made a mistake when they assigned encodings (scripts they call
>them). They only allowed for 31 of them. This means that there aren't
>enough. So there are at least five encodings for latin letters and they
>are distinguished by language id
>     icelandic
>     turkish
>     croatian
>     romanian
>     (everything else for the standard macroman)

Oops. I expected the pair of platformID & encodingID is not
enough to specify the encoding of cmap (e.g. SJIS for MacOS
6 and 7 were incompatible), but never expected languageID
helps the issue. Interesting. I compared charts available from
and understood.

>> Anybdoy had ever seen a TrueType font that has
>> non-zero language ID?
>I have not.

Thank you. In CROATIAN.TXT, I found interesting note.

#   The Mac OS Croatian encoding shares the script code smRoman
#   (0) with the standard Mac OS Roman encoding. To determine if
#   the Croatian encoding is being used, you must check if the
#   system region code is 68, verCroatia (or 25, verYugoCroatian,
#   only used in older systems).

system region code is apparently different from languageID
(languageID for Croatian is 18).


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