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[ft-devel] Left bearing in Dynalab DFHsm5.ttc true type font is not take

From: Boris Letocha
Subject: [ft-devel] Left bearing in Dynalab DFHsm5.ttc true type font is not taken in account
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 17:23:59 +0100

Hi David, Werner and others,

I just found regression between 2.1.9 and 2.2.0 version of Freetype,
reproducible in ftview (It probably also work correctly in 2.1.10, but
this version I was not able to compile on Windows using jam and VC
It happens on Dynalab fonts, for example DFHsm5.ttc (length: 3250760
bytes, I will send it to Werner and also to anybody who will request
it). This font file contains 3 fonts. Problem is with 3rd one
Start ftview -f 719 30 DFHsm5.ttc
Press "n" 2 times to see 3rd font index. Now you should see character
fullwidth digit three (Unicode: 0xFF13), shape is correct but there is
big space before - left bearing is same as in first two fonts, but is it
not correct.
This glyph has in hmtx table 719. advWid:  547, LSdBear: 30 - this left
bearing is correctly returned by Get_HMetrics function in ttgload.c, but
it has no impact on actual left bearing of final glyph outline (I change
it in debugger and resulting outline was same).
Unfortunately don't know how to fix this regression after some code
inspection/debugging. It is correctly propagated to pp1 and pp2 phantom
points, but then my knowledge ends.

Thanks for outstanding work on Freetype.

Best regards,

Boris Letocha

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