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[ft-devel] freetype on the iPhone mentioned

From: Sean McBride
Subject: [ft-devel] freetype on the iPhone mentioned
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 10:29:41 -0400

Hi all,

freetype was mentioned in Apple's security update for the iPhone today:

CVE-ID:  CVE-2008-1806, CVE-2008-1807, CVE-2008-1808
Available for:  iPhone v1.0 through v2.0.2
Impact:  Multiple vulnerabilities in FreeType v2.3.5
Description:  Multiple vulnerabilities exist in FreeType v2.3.5, the
most serious of which may lead to arbitrary code execution when
accessing maliciously crafted font data. This update addresses the
issue by incorporating the security fixes from version 2.3.6 of
FreeType. Further information is available via the FreeType site at

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